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I just got off the phone coaching a lady who is a business coach herself and her target market is older ladies who are empty nesters (she wanted to know more about publishing her content into a book). You know those ladies, their kids are all grown, the husband is still working and has his routine, but now these ladies have LOTS more time now with little to do. If you’re older, your Mom is probably like that, too.

So as we were discussing about these ladies I told her that in my experience mothers, and to a lesser degree ladies, have a difficult time expressing themselves or speaking up. While us guys in most cases LOVE to talk about ourselves, we’re more like peacocks that strut around showing off our plumage. Women, not so much. But when you’re talking about a business, you HAVE to talk about your business. My comment to Connie was, “Connie, if you have the cure for cancer, would you keep it hidden, or would you be telling the world about it?” She gasped and said, “Well, I’d be telling the world about it!” I said, “Now THAT is how you handle your talents toward others, you’re the doctor of your talents, now share your talent cures!” At that moment, I knew I had another blog post. So what does it mean to be the Doctor of your Talents?

Being the Doctor of your Talents means you have the cure for someone’s illness, usually a weakness they have. If you had the cure for cancer, you wouldn’t keep it under wraps and hidden, would you? No, you’d be telling everyone that had cancer that you’d help them. Same with any other business that has a solution for others, you’d sell it to whomever needed it.

So, having said that, the takeaway of the idea is this:

  • You have a good, better, or best solution that someone needs and is an answer their problem.
  • You have to to find out where your customers are that have the problem that your solution solves.
  • You need to get your solution in front of their eyes and ears so that you can make their life better.
  • You need to have them try your solution and see how their life changes.
  • You need to see their eyes light up and there is a spring in their step for what you have done.
  • You need to ask for the sale knowing that you have a satisfied customer.
  • You need to make the sale, take their money with no regrets, since their life is better because of your talents and your solutions.
  • You need to pat yourself on the back for helping another human being.
  • Next!

So, as Dr. Special Talent, your purpose in life is to find out the illness/weakness in others and search out the cure that makes life better for them and their family, and the more customers you help, the merrier. Your service is not to be hidden like putting a lamp or a flashlight under the covers, but out in the open for all to see and benefit from.

Go find the solution and change the world.


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