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You know, sometimes as entrepreneurs we get so busy that using a large project planning software such as the OmniPlan, FastTrack Schedule 9, or Shared Plan can be daunting as well as cumbersome to learn and just plain overkill for small projects that entrepreneurs need to have done in a day or over a weekend. So what’s an entrepreneur to do?

You can use iWorks Pages or Numbers to track your simple projects. How?

In Number create a blank sheet and enter in data exactly like the image shows.

Using Numbers duration function in the “Time” column (w=week, d=days, h=hours, in a “3w,2d,14h” format) you can add up the number of hours that it takes to do a project. Changing the “Time” column to a strict “Number of Hours” you can now calculate the total cost of the project on an hourly basis.

You can reorganize via drag and drop each “task” from one line to another in the order they need to be finished. You can even use the Numbers spreadsheet with Pages to do a “Request For Proposal (RFP)” and give it to your client.

Tons of ways to make Numbers work for you as a simple project planner.


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