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Well, almost there. It took a while to get my book completely done using iWork Pages, but it’s finished. But, as with any non-fiction book there are potential updates as changes occur with the content. But I have written the book in such as way as to:

  • reduce the amount of changes that are required if content does change, i.e. if significant changes in Mac OS X occur.
  • using a POD (Print On Demand) publisher means I can change my book anytime I choose and do not require a publisher to do the work.
Here’s what I have done.


I have updated my book How to Start a Business: Mac Version to include the following:

  • Mac OS X Lion content (nothing much other than identifying related software content)
  • How to Start a Business: Mac Version Ebook is now out. As all of my formatting problems are fixed you’ll get all of the updates.
  • New and Improved section “Big Picture” on page 4 and Illustration 2.
  • New and Improved section “Craft of your Business, Business of your Craft” on page 11 by giving you the reasons where most startups miss what they need to learn.
  • New and Improved section “Switching from Windows to Mac” on page 34 by clarifying the content.
  • New and Improved section “Budget your personal spending” on page 54 and how your view of money affects your business.
  • New and Improved section “You’re on the right road” on page 58 describing companies that have NOT gone into debt to build their business and survived.
  • New and Improved section “Business Planning” on page 59 and how the new paradigm is business modeling.
  • New and Improved section “Best Practices of Project Management” on pages 68 and clarified Table 2.
  • New and Improved section “Startup Spaces” on page 102 by discussing changes in working environments.
  • New and Improved section “Mac Hardware” on starting on page 127 discussing briefly new Mac hardware and Mac OS X Lion Server.
  • New and Improved section “Numbers and Basic Financial Statements” on page 188 referring to startup metrics where I found better content that counters what you’re learning in some MBA course in colleges.
  • New and Improved section “Troubleshooting the Mac” on page 216 about hardware connections.
  • New and Improved section “What do you call a failed entrepreneur?” on page 227 where I have found educational, societal, and business issues that hinder business growth that need to change.
  • New and Improved section “FREE Bonus Section” in the back of the book.
  • New and Improved by adding color interior for a new POD publisher. Coming Soon!!

Watch this blog for more information.

I’ve got an announcement next week to give to everyone, so pass this along to your friends and family, we want to get our country moving again.

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New and Improved How to Start a Business Mac Version — 3 Comments

  1. Hi Kevin,
    I’m looking into POD vendors right now for a project of mine. Have you found a good POD printer yet?

    • I use Createspace.com exclusively, it is the best overall POD company around. What I like about them is they are always improving the author’s experience. However, CGS Publishing may become a second source for a color interior.

      What kind of book are you writing?

      As Jack Canfield says, 10% of your effort is in writing your book, the other 90% is in marketing. Start marketing before your book is done to gauge interest and feedback.

      Best of luck to you, it’s a GREAT journey.

  2. Dennis, just be aware also that there are vanity publishers out there that will do “all the work for you” for a price and really end up being a vanity publisher, taking your money and leaving you with a garage full of books and a lighter wallet.

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