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As one that works at home some, most, or even all of the time depending on the day of the week you have to wonder how those of us that “need” some people interaction “cope” with being by ourselves. While the internet and cell phones allow one to communicate with others you generally have to “know” someone via email, IM (instant messaging), or their phone number. But how is this changing?


Twitter is becoming the IM for the 21st century, but how does that translate for the “older crowd” such as the older media types or those that are not “in touch” with the newer technologies or don’t get out “to the internet” much? Here’s the answer.

Twitter is fast becoming the water cooler for the new age!!

Where else can you have hundreds if not thousands of “peeps,” colleagues, or groups of like minded individuals that have short (140 character) interactions with others that you follow and they follow you.

How can this be helpful to others? How about home bound individuals, those that are challenged in various physical ways, those that could use some encouragement from a nice placed comment during rough economic times, or even those that “need” social interaction beyond their computer screen. Twitter does this for those types of people without being too intrusive in others lives.

Thanks Twitter for being the “virtual water cooler” for these people.


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