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An entrepreneur using a Mac makes a lot of sense, but more importantly it’s the entrepreneurial sense that is more important.

I was at an entrepreneur event one Saturday recently and during a breakout session with a table of other people we got onto a discussion about weight loss, health issues, and business, and how they both fit into our lives. One of the ladies discussed how she had begun walking to not only get out of the house, but more importantly, to get moving and hopefully lose some weight. Her issue was she was bored and began eating to combat her boredom and walking was her way of killing her boredom.

So after a while this, too, had become routine for her. She mentioned that after a short while she was once again getting bored. She asked her neighbor if  her dog needed to be walked. Of course said yes, she then took her neighbor’s dog on her walks.

After 9/11 I lost a job right and had to became a janitor and lost 15 lbs because of the work I was doing. Funny thing, rather than joining a gym which would have COST me money, I got paid for losing weight AND learned a little bit about what it took to run a commercial janitorial service. While it may not have been as fun as joining a gym, it was at least beneficial for both me, my income, and the company I worked for.

After this comment to the table I turned to the lady walking the dogs and told her that she should get all of the neighborhood dogs and walk them and charge the families for walking them. She’d not only get her exercise, but she’d provide a service for her neighbors AND the dogs would love to get out and see their neighborhood. She might not earn a lot, but it might pay for something, like a night out on the town, a trip to a local hotspot somewhere, or a bottle of good tasting juice to drink.

The breakout session leader sarcastically said, “Typical thinking of an entrepreneur!”


During another conversation with a editor/writer I suggested my book should have the opportunity to be read by all of those in the career in the book publishing industry, especially by writers. I was told that my book would not work and was rejected.

Myopic. Both of them. Why?

One of the books that I recommend in my book, How to Start a Business: Mac Version is one by Michael Gerber, The E-Myth Revisited, a game changer. His premise: No matter what you do, you are in business, and while you have the title of entrepreneur it’s important that you think like a business owner no matter what your career! He states there are three levels of thinking: technician (graphic artist, writer, editor, system administrator, lawyer, doctor), project manager (being able to get multiple things done, on time and under budget), and business owner (the ability to make a profit by providing a product/service and to grow a business).

In the many discussions I have had with those in any career (writer, graphic artist, doctor, lawyer, system administrator, etc.), I find that most people only want to be or see themselves as Super Technicians. They’ll do some work using some project management skills, but reject and in some cases even abhor the thought of running their technician career as a business. They only want to be the Super Writer/Super Graphic Artist/Super Editor/Super Lawyer/Super Doctor. There is nothing wrong with this at all. But. And this is a big but.

Using your talent to run a business may detract from what you love to do, but it is essential to your livelihood. What is fascinating is that others in any other business industry echo my sentiments exactly.

You have to learn to be a business owner or you have a greater potential to not meet your goals.


  • Have you ever thought that if you make more money (charge more) per the amount of work you do, you could have more time to be more creative with the work you love?
  • Or donate your time to worthwhile organizations with more free time.
  • Outsource parts of your business that you don’t like to do.
  • If you don’t want to run a business, hire someone to do it for you that you trust.
  • Find multiple streams of income about your craft (My book goes into this on page 50).

But first learn about business basics so you won’t be taken advantage of. You’re trainable and the skills are learnable.

Your thoughts?


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