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My wife and I have a lot of Zig Zigler’s books and reread them often, but it’s also great to hear more and updated thoughts as things are happening. Tom Zigler has posted a blog about the economy and how best as a business to handle tougher times. Tom’s “Great Advice for Tough Times” is a quick and good read for those in the short end of the money line.

You see, a win/win situation is where you both work out the differences so that you both win, not a win/lose situation where you lose or your customer loses. This creates nothing but a bad relationship. As a business owner if you win and your customer loses, the customer may not come back. If your customer wins and you lose, and on a consistent basis, you’ll go out of business.

But during tough times, we all have to find the silver lining in each situation. It means that businesses can find ways of reducing their costs to prepare for the recovery that may be down the road and make the business even more profitable because of changes that have been implemented.

Bad times are here for a reason, make the most of it for you AND your customers.

What are your thoughts?


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