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Welcome Toilet Paper Entrepreneurs!! For the second time in a row my idea was featured at Toilet Paper Entrepreneur’s blog. But if you came to this site and did NOT see it, here’s the link to “91 Ways How To Get Out Of The Box.” Some great tips there.

For those that may not want to visit the site, my tip for thinking or getting out of the box was to talk to a Janitor. As the story goes:

I read the story years ago about a hotel that was putting in a maintenance elevator and all of the engineers and company people were discussing the costs of tearing down the ceiling and walls next to the current elevators, potentially costing millions of dollars to install it. The janitor walked by and asked what the problem was and someone told him. After thinking a moment he said to the crowd of experts “You could put one at the end of the hallway because there’s nothing outside to stop you!” Find someone that is completely different than you in demographics, industry, etc, out of YOUR box, to see your problem in a whole new light.

Thanks for stopping by, hope you get more out of my site as well.

My book for entrepreneurs using a Mac will be out soon.


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