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Testimonial letter from Henry Scadding (1883)

Testimonial letter from Henry Scadding (1883) (Photo credit: Toronto Public Library Special Collections)

One of the factors of any entrepreneur starting a business is getting testimonials, those comments from customers that tell others of the value of your work.

What most budding entrepreneurs do not understand is that the relationship between both business and their customer and vendors is essential, and missing this vital aspect of building a business becomes missed opportunities for future business and growth.

Too often budding entrepreneurs act like sponges, willing to take as much free stuff as possible with little to give back or share. One of the simplest acts to get noticed for your business is….

to share with others your success with a vendor’s product or service, and more importantly, giving these vendors your actual business name and location. Why? Because it helps build relationships between businesses and customers and it tells others that the business has worked hard to satisfy each others needs. The one solving the problem, and the customer buying the product/service. This builds credibility with new customers that you’ve done a good job.

Testimonial #1

“I was taken by complete surprise when I started reading your work. It was so much more than I had anticipated! I was expecting a business Mac book for dummies.

You have dissected the entrepreneur… Identified the essential components and the steps necessary to achieve your goal. And, at the same time offered possible options with each step.

It is a roadmap to the American dream!”

Clifton O Davison, DDS
Fort Collins, Colorado, 80524

Dr. Davison, a 71 year old Dentist, who I met at a recent conference called my cell phone last week and asked if he could order FOUR MORE BOOKS to give to his grown kids. All are entrepreneurs and one is career Army with a strong talent for writing, which Dr. Davison wanted to help nudge him to use it and prepare for the day he retires.

Testimonial #2

“I’m not a Mac expert, I wish I’d read your book two years ago.” —C McClure, Founder and President, Scoutrock.com, former Director, Executive Recruiting for Lockheed Martin

Caroline purchased my book because it covered the essentials of getting her new business off the ground that she was lacking. Just because you work in a corporate environment does not mean you’ll automatically make it as an entrepreneur. I recently listened to a podcast between Navy SEALS that had left the service. One had started a business and failed at it and filed for bankruptcy. While some skills translate into new endeavors, you’ll need to learn more and continually to become successful.

Testimonial #3

During a recent conference I attended, I shared with Andrea DeLaney, who was taking classes in mass communication at the local university, on how to capitalize on her new knowledge and her talents and the various loves of her life. My table-mate Stephanie Herman, who wrote the book Cost Benefit Jr. for fourth through sixth graders to learn free market economics, captured my discussion with in her blog post Watching markets in action at her blog Cost Benefit Jr. and what Stephanie saw between us. Stephanie focuses on a homeschool economics curriculum for younger kids and writes extensively about it.


If you want more business, give more, especially in the time it takes to write testimonials about great products and services you’ve received. Not only does it encourage the business to do better, but you get your name out in the public who just might be looking for what you offer. If your name is not out there, no one will ever know. And since the internet is 24/7, what’s four to seven sentences worth of work that is forever online, especially if your business name is attached to the testimonial?

So, give away your valid and heartfelt encouragement, you’ll make everyone’s day better for it.


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