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When you’re a startup and an entrepreneur you need to learn a ton of information at three levels: business owner, project manager, and your craft, whatever that is, be in a graphic artist, writer/author, or a marketing executive. Too often, taking courses to learn a craft only teaches you to become a superior craftsman, not a business owner or a project manager.

In order to help with this deficiency I held a teleclass with the Graphic Artists Guild on Oct 21st and here’s a testimonial from that class.

Thanks Mat for the testimonial. That’s why I do what I do.

And by the way, Mat bought my book, How to Start a Business: Mac Version and is half way through it and will comment on it soon. My book goes into much more depth as to how to use the Macs Cool Tools to make more money and to save money and time.

P.S. Yes Mat, I was an Apple employee for three years helping businesses with Mac solutions, but I’ve been a Mac fanboi since 1985 starting with a Mac 512ke. 🙂


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