Digital reputations, social media, and relationships

Startup entrepreneurs look for exposure for themselves, their product, and most of all their company. It’s a never ending part of marketing and you look for any and all chances to “meet and greet” with others that you can share … Continue reading →

Social Media, it’s in the numbers

When you become a startup entrepreneur you move from “idea” to “what’s your numbers” to find out where you are in your life and business goals. Here’s a great link by KBJOnline (she’s a Mac fan girl to boot 🙂 … Continue reading →

3 Steps: Entrepreneurs, social media, and finding your 1000 fans

As any entrepreneur will tell you, and using a Mac, it’s about getting who you are out into the market among the rest of the businesses that you compete against. It’s also about connecting the dots when it comes to … Continue reading →

Investing in marketing, where’s the money going?

Here’s an interesting marketing chart of where people may be wanting to spend their marketing dollars for their company’s message. Social media seems to be taking the place of traditional media, so where does that leave you and your marketing? … Continue reading →