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Early in my writing career, i.e. when all I had was an idea and just started writing not knowing where it would lead, I thought I was thinking big enough.

Little did I know that I did not think big enough, but that’s par for the course when you start down a new path of your talented life. You mostly can only see just a little bit down the road of life, but you can believe further down that road.

So, what was this “not thinking big enough” problem and my book and blog?

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New and Improved How to Start a Business Mac Version

Well, almost there. It took a while to get my book completely done using iWork Pages, but it’s finished. But, as with any non-fiction book there are potential updates as changes occur with the content. But I have written the book in such as way as to:

  • reduce the amount of changes that are required if content does change, i.e. if significant changes in Mac OS X occur.
  • using a POD (Print On Demand) publisher means I can change my book anytime I choose and do not require a publisher to do the work.
Here’s what I have done.

Can independent publishing work? Amanda Hocking has done it!

Why is this a blog post? Because as one who thought I had to go through the route of MAYBE finding a publisher and MAYBE getting my book into the market, independently publishing your book is THE way to launch a new career or resurrect one.

So to answer the question. You bet! Check out Amanda Hocking’s blog about her selling over 900,000 books and not going the traditional publishing route, i.e. finding a publisher and allowing them to sell her books. She has gone ebooks and independently published her books. But, and here’s the big bug, she’s been writing since she was a preteen and is now 26!

In other words, she’s put in the work to get there. But what does she have to do now? Learn how to manager all of her success, like paying taxes on the money she is earning, keeping long lost friends from becoming friends again. There’s more responsibility and she’ll learn, I have not doubt.

Go Amanda.

Enjoy her blog post, does it give you some ideas?

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iWork Pages: writing a book, novel or non-fiction

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As an entrepreneur, startup, and Mac user I can attest that using Apple’s iWork Pages you CAN write a book with it. Why?

Because I’ve done it. And so have some others.

First, take a look at my efforts in writing my first book, How to Start a Business: Mac Version and you’ll see how good Pages can perform producing a print ready file. If I can do it, so can you.

If you want to learn what it took, you can read the guest blog posts #1-8 at Heinlein Group or go to my book page and just below the image on the same page are all eight blog posts that I have written. You’ll find what I learned about the whole publishing process.

The ease of which you can get a book published compared with years ago makes the barrier much lower. Make the book look like you want it to, upload a PDF of the interior file and the book cover and you’re done.


It means that you need to do a good job of producing a very good to great book, otherwise, your writing and publishing efforts will be worthless.

If you have questions, ask away. Be glad to answer your questions.

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