Denver Startup Weekend 2, Jun 3-5th, 2011

Hey potential Startups and Entrepreneurs, step right up and buy tickets to the 2011 Denver Startup Weekend on June 3-5th at WorkBrite, 4120 Brighton Blvd, A-40, Denver, Co 80216. Get your tickets now. StartupWeekend Denver is a community building startup event. Participants get together with … Continue reading →

Founder-led companies versus “Professional CEOs”

When startup entrepreneurs go for “funding” of their business, product, or service, there’s a general idea that founder-led companies might not be “up to the task” as “professional CEOs.” Well, the data is in and the answer is: Founder-led CEOs … Continue reading →

Low job prospects presses individuals into entrepreneurship

Is this the new economy reality? Read this article post from Impact Labs entitled Jobs of the Future Will Not Support Basic Standard of Living in U.S., it’ll make you think. As the economy limps along and long term prospects … Continue reading →

Entrepreneurs are money thrifty, not spendthrift nor miserly

When it comes to startup entrepreneurs, most work at keeping their costs down in order to make their finances last. But most entrepreneurs have a different mindset than those that work at jobs, or even some business owners that still … Continue reading →