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The ethics of being a startup entrepreneur is about doing good for both you and your customer. Sort of like a business doctor: Doing no harm to your customers with your products and services. One of the things about businesses is when you’re doing the right thing you and your customer BOTH make things better. Well, here’s a story about someone that is using organic farming which actually makes doing a garden, using the right techniques, that you’ll actually be healthier because of the techniques used by Paul Gautschi.

If you watch Paul’s gardening techniques, you’ll be amazed at how simple things make a BIG difference. Watch and learn.

So, here’s the answer to our food situation.

Back To Eden OFFICIAL FILM from ProVisions Productions on Vimeo.

Here’s another film of the same subject.

You can also find out more about organic gardening by checking out the Urban Homesteading by the Dervaes family.


So, what did we learn from Paul techniques?

  • Less need for water.
  • Less need for fertilizers.
  • Better for the soil.
  • Less physical work needed for weeding.
  • Systemic view using all processes (chickens, nature, etc.) for production.
  • Costs less for the overall production of the product.
  • Better product for the customer.
  • Results: Less work and a MUCH better product.

Does your business, product, or service do that for your customers?

Good stuff to learn by, don’t you think?

Now if everyone were to follow Paul’s lead, what do you think will happen to your life and those around you?


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