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Any startup entrepreneur needs to make connections with others, primarily because they can’t do it all themselves, but it’s best they don’t do it all themselves.

Startup Weekend Denver occurred this past weekend at WorkBrite’s Coworking location. I’ll go into what happened and what I saw.

Purchasing a ticket to attend pays for food and drinks for the weekend. Great for those that “need to get things done” in starting up a business.

Friday Night’s agenda:

  1. Network – meet and greet with 52 Denver and the surrounding area attendees from all backgrounds and skill sets. One was even on his vacation and from out of state to join in the fun since there is not a SW in his area. Maybe he’s looking to start one? You just never know.
  2. Icebreaker – get your body moving and interactive with others in a Rock, Paper, Scissors game to win $50.
  3. Pitch – you have 60 seconds to explain your idea with 30 seconds of Q&A.
  4. Vote – everyone gives their vote to the project that they would like and narrow down the field to 4-8 teams around an idea. You choose which one you want to provide assistance to. Some required coding help, others did not, but most did.

Saturday’s Agenda:

  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner – continental breakfast, lunch and dinner and drinks to keep you “fueled up.” Coffee¬†and soda drinks¬†included where and anything caffeinated was the drink of choice.
  • Build out your business – work toward the Sunday’s goal of presenting your efforts to the judges.

Sunday’s Agenda:

  • Continue to build out the business.
  • At 4 Pm a final push and at 5 PM the last pitch and selection of the finalists.

Overall Friday night is the most hectic as you’re determining the idea to follow and how you can contribute to it. On Saturday it came down to doing the work so it was gelling time, finding out where you fit into the team that you have selected to help out and then getting productive.

Clothes of choice were varied. Short, especially cargo shorts and flipflops were abundant, though, so you’d say it was Saturday casual wear, a notch below casual Friday. Coders usually had laptops and earbuds or headsets to keep focused on their tasks. Of course, laptops where all around.

As a Mac entrepreneur the one thing that I did see was about a 2 to 1 use of Macs over PCs for those attending. Startups know the right hardware/software combinations. So if you want to start a business, Macs are the computer of choice. Smart people use them.

Overall if you have any reason to start a business and have a weekend to learn, Startup Weekend is the place to be to get your feet wet learning about startups. Nothing like getting a baptism of fire for the newbies.

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