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OK, here’s my first ever list of new tools that nearly every startup entrepreneur will use, including using your Mac. My intention for this page is to highlight some of the tools that might be of benefit to others, not just Mac specific, but startup entrepreneur using a Mac specific.

So here goes my first three solutions for startups:

  • iWeb blog to WordPress blog converter. With Apple’s reluctance to discuss any future products and releases, there’s been talk that iWeb will not be in Apple’s future. So what’s an iWeb user to do?┬áHere’s a tool that is sure to get others talking. It’s an iWeb to WordPress converter by Rage Software.
  • Excel address to mapping software. Do you have lots of addresses in an Excel/Numbers spreadsheet that you’d like to plot to see what the data looks like on a map? Well take a look at Topo.ly and see if you can’t get some insights into what your data tells you.
  • Catchfree.com is about listing all of the free software, including Mac software. For startup entrepreneurs, you need to keep your costs down and this is one list that will pique your interest.
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