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One of the facts that most entrepreneurs realize is we’re about solving people’s problems. A significant point in entrepreneurship is social entrepreneurship: Helping those with simple solutions that make a BIG impact on their lives.

As I have mentioned before in another blog post regarding Startup Entrepreneur for the Poor: Liter of Light sometimes the simple solutions affect more people that complex or complicated ones.

Here is another example showing that “certificates” or “degrees” from “approved” colleges and universities may be overkill for solving problems as the principles are the same. Failing to understand how a cell phone works does not stop me from using it much like these people solving their own problems

Here’s the link to Barefoot College to see how they’re changing the work, one simple solution at a time.

Water Harvesting is another solution. It’s not engineers that are telling the people what to do, it’s the local people, through trail and error, finding the solution. We should listen, we might learn something.

Just because someone is illiterate does NOT mean they can’t be productive for their families and communities.

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