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This is a guest post from Harry Tucker of HarryTucker.com.

So I’ m Inspired, Now What?

If I were to view the actions of many people, perhaps their actions would be best be described as “Now I’m inspired, so what?”
Today we are blessed with incredibly easy access to an unlimited supply of inspirational material from a wealth of sources. It would seem that the plethora of material available to us in printed form, e-books, daily devotional emails, motivational speakers, audio books and everything else should be transforming us so significantly that we should be happier and more productive than ever.

That’s what they tell us, anyway.

The interesting thing is that if these processes were so effective, the producers of this material should have put themselves out of business a long time ago.

Not only have they not accomplished this, but in fact their business continues to grow significantly.

We keep consuming their material, feeling inspired for the moment and spouting off nuggets of wisdom on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other forms of social media. However, when the high has passed from the inspiration du jour, most of us fall back into our same traps.

Yes it is true that inspiration is not a one-shot affair. With many of the challenges and pressures of the world, we must consume it on a regular basis, providing us with the fuel to persevere and overcome challenge. As the wonderful Zig Ziglar once said, “People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well neither does bathing. That’s why we recommend both daily”.

But inspiration, if not eventually transformed into action, is no more valuable than any other good piece of writing. Many people can quote incessantly from many of the great autobiographical authors, inspirational speakers, sacred texts and such and yet their lives in some aspect remain frozen in place. Instead of putting the great wisdom to use to get their Life moving, they move from source of inspiration to another, absorbing, quoting and preaching what they have absorbed.

It almost appears that as long as they can keep absorbing material, they have a reason (or an excuse) to not apply it.

After all, it feels great to tell others (or themselves) that they are still in the process of planning the perfect execution of their lives. Since knowledge is power, it makes sense that the more knowledge they have the more effective their lives will become when they finally get around to doing something with it.

It does make perfect sense ……. doesn’t it?

It is true that for some people, they do just that. They empower themselves with some knowledge, they apply it, they learn, they adjust, they acquire more knowledge, they apply it and the cycle continues. They LIVE – they win and lose, experience joy and suffering and enjoy a Life that takes them to tantalizing heights of success and desperate valleys of defeat.

This is Life.

Most, however, are afraid to experience Life. They are waiting until the circumstances are perfect, that their knowledge is complete and that they are guaranteed success before they set out to live. They tell us that everything has to be just right and THEN they will execute their lives.

Unfortunately, because that sense of all-knowing and the perfect scenario never arrive at the same time, they never actually set out to truly live up to their potential.

They just keep on learning – so they tell us.

Imagine this scenario. You are sitting at an airport when someone walks up to you and brags to you that they have a very expensive, difficult-to-obtain reservation to travel to some exotic location with intent to relax, recharge and get ready to take on the world again. “In fact”, they say as they point out the window, “That’s my flight just pulling away from the gate. My reservation is on his way out and will probably have a great time.”

You would look at this person as if they were crazy.

The truth is that this is exactly how many people live today. We work hard to find the one thing that will empower us to become a better person, to acquire the things that will enable us to experience Life as it was meant to be experienced (or at least how we perceive it should be experienced).

Unfortunately for many of us, much of what we are learning is of no value unless we actually “get on the plane” at some point.

And so planning, preparing, dreaming and bragging are all wonderful.

But until we actually take what we have learned and apply it, we deny ourselves an opportunity to grow, to learn and to REALLY live.

And perhaps we deny ourselves an opportunity to be an inspiration to others, just as others have inspired us.

As you sit at the “Airport of Life”, you hear an announcement.

“Attention passengers. This is the final call for all passengers departing on the Flight of Life. All passengers traveling on the Flight of Life should now be boarded as your flight is ready for departure.”

Are you ready to get on the plane or would you prefer to show others that your flight left without you?

In service and servanthood,
Harry Tucker

Fortune 25 strategy advisor, global technology architect, speaker and author


BIO: Harry Tucker has provided award-winning business strategy guidance, global technology architecture strategy and leadership incubation models to Wall Street and Fortune 25 companies for over 25 years.  He is also recognized for excellence in the area of predictive analytics, co-founding an award-winning software company in New York that specialized in human capital optimization; using math models for the purpose of capturing and expressing human productivity and for predicting human behavior.

Harry is consumed by the need to incubate passion for excellence and authenticity in strategy, leadership and collaboration and believes that we should embrace growth in these areas with a sense of urgency.  To that point, Harry works with recognized leaders in strategy, technology and leadership development to encourage an exchange of skills and knowledge between individuals while igniting their passion to make effective contribution to the world.

Harry is a contributing author to “A Complaint Free World: How to Stop Complaining and Start Enjoying the Life You Always Wanted” and the recently published “97 Things Every Project Manager Should Know: Collective Wisdom from the Experts“, published by O’Reilly.


Blog: http://harrytucker.blogspot.com

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