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Installed Snow Leopard on my MacBook Pro and here are two little things that I saw after working with it for a while today.

First, this is the preferences screen and notice the little green and red dots next to your printers, these indicate whether or not your printer is connected and to be used by your Mac. Nice little touch here. The one thing that I have found is that using the Airport Extreme does not give a “quick” or updated indication if the printer is connected or not. In Leopard it just shows a green dot, in Snow Leopard the dot turns red if the printer is not available to be used.

System Preferences

Second, here’s the drop down box trying to print, notice the “indicator” that the two of the printers are not available to print to. If you could use the printer the small icons would be done. Also nice touch.


Third, low ink indicators are great and does not require the utility tool to find out, depending on your printer.

Ink indicator

These are all nice little touches to indicate to the Mac user to what is going on with their Mac printers.


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