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If you’d like to know some stats about small business, which is really micro business, you can check out this blog “MicroBusinesses are Growing – Don’t Ignore Them” about these type of numbers.

Taking a quote from Michael’s blog: “There are 22.5 Million MicroBusinesses in the US”

If you sell to the microbusiness, you have a large following. Now if the market share of 8% are Mac users of this number  that means that there are 1.8 million Mac users and if 15% of them are business owners, that means that 270,000 business owners use Macs!!

However, if you take Apple’s number of Mac owners of 75 Million that are using Macs right now and take 10% of that number being business owners you have 7.5 Million business owners using Macs.

Either way, that’s a lot of businesses that are using Macs, and it can only go up.

In this blog post “Why Small Business Owners need a Mac” Matthew goes into some reasons why a small business should use a Mac: “premier/high quality hardware and software, simplicity and fun factor” were his highest benefits to any business owner. I agree 100% with his comments. You go Matthew.

Now on to the last tidbit of news. My wife converted her real estate business to the Mac about five years ago. The most common comment all Mac users hear is: you should never use a Mac for X business, get a PC instead.” Include that from the IT tech support that “we don’t support Macs” which really means “I get paid less because Macs don’t need me!” That means as a business owner you get to keep more of your hard earned money!! And that’s a savings.

My wife showed the team leader yesterday for about an hour what she uses her Mac for in her business, such as Garageband, iMovie, iPhoto to put together a true “multimedia presentation” and how easy it was to do it and it got the team leader’s brain working! She’s also a Mac user but have never really explored all of the things the Mac could do for her and my wife’s demonstration helped create the solution for her pain. And the team leader is a “big thinker” and can see the possibilities real quick, so I’m sure that she’ll be calling me to talk about using Macs more in real estate.

So, if you own a small business, you can use a Mac in nearly all instances, here are just a few examples


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