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I just got iLife ’09 on Monday and taking a look at iPhoto for entrepreneurs and how it can help those using Macs in their business.

Here is my list of things that I like/dislike:

  • Like: Renaming file name – now clicking on the file name brings up a name field that allows you to edit the file name without having to go elsewhere to change it.
  • Like: Add Keywords is now just below file name and also brings up a field name to add keywords to each picture. Placing a comma after each word adds the keyword to the list. It’s also nice because it ignores capitalization if you already have a keyword.
  • Like: Well, actually LOVE the map feature function. Takes a little getting used to but it’s really nice if you need to know locations of each picture.
  • Like: Double clicking on the map zooms in on the map location.
  • Dislike: You have to use the CNTL key + double click to zoom out, should be using the SHIFT key + double clicking.
  • Dislike: Bug (or feature) where in slideshow you can’t see how high or low your volume is when pressing the F-keys.
  • Dislike: Get Info (CMD + I) seems like it’s half done with the info about each image. Can’t access any of photo camera info either.
  • Dislike: Can’t search Address Book for addresses for map. Don’t know why.

How can an entrepreneur use iPhoto in their business more effectively and efficiently. Well, here are some suggestions for you.

  1. Keywords. By using keywords you can manage larger number of photos and finding just the right one for a monthly newsletter. Use keywords like month, year, or even using final, preproduction, or postproduction to help organizing the images in the right way. How about keywords for types of products, company names, locations, seasons, or even an artist’s name.
  2. Smart Albums. Using Smart Albums with keywords you can monitor all of your changes that are occurring on a weekly or daily basis for a monthly newsletter.

Do you have any suggestions for how you use iPhoto in your business, let everyone know.


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