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I have been doing a lot of behind the scenes changes, not only about my blog, but more importantly about the content of my blog. I have been reading a lot of information and historical information for a revision of my book. I have read eight books in the last four months as well as being involved in a number of issues that affect both me and you, especially in Colorado. Getting to the simple issues that make your and my life better. Hence so little has been done with my blog of late. But, never one for the loss of an idea, here’s one that just might strike a nerve, or at least I hope it does, because it did me.

Seeing what was good in history to seeing a current situation as bad and wanting to change back to the “good ol’ days” is a lot or change, once you realize that the current good is really bad. But change only takes one step at a time. Watch Ron Finley as he shows how simple change can be.


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