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One of the factors that I have a chance to discuss with a number of people is this: How big is your market?

By that  I mean how many people or businesses can you sell your potential product or service to?

The US Census provides at least some idea as to how many people are in the US as well as  in your state and industry and break down the numbers for you to at least begin to calculate how much potential money you could make from selling to them.

Here’s the source and the numbers of how many businesses are in the US:

The source of this data is US Census Statistics about Business Size (including Small Business) from the U.S. Census Bureau.

Here’s the data:

So as you begin looking at the number of businesses there are, ensure you have enough clients that can buy your product and service before embarking on wanting to “make millions” with sales.

As I was writing my book I thought I was smart by targeting the > 500 employee firms to sell my book. But as you can see, I now have a greater chance at selling a lot more books for the < 9 employee firms.

Here’s to knowing your numbers.



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