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I love to read, especially books that expand my learning capabilities. When I was an AF Officer attending SOS (Squadron Officer School) we were told by a senior officer that each of us should be in a reading program of some sort, preferably a book a month, but more importantly, that we read for both self improvement and to provide increased capability in applying new skills and knowledge to our jobs. Since then I have read about a book a month covering all sorts of issues and subjects.

Recently I was at my local Barnes and Noble store and got into a conversation with an man from China and we were discussing books. I told him that I read a book a month, he said I was too slow!! I should read a book a month!!!

So, without any further delay, here’s a number of reading lists that might be of help to you:

Personal MBA
Business Pundit
800 CEO Read
Conservative Reading List
IRS Small Business Reading List (I hate to add it, but pass the Fair Tax and this would become a thing for the history books!!
Project Gutenberg: over 27,000 FREE books
Great Books list
Jim Collins, Author of “Good to Great” reading list of what he reads

Do you have some books that you find helpful in your business? Let us know what you like and why.


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