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One of the things startup entrepreneurs do is work to be productive with their Mac and iPhone as a team of tools, a team of tools in your entrepreneur toolbox. In a recent blog post, Business use of iPhone Voice Memo about taking notes using the iPhone’s Voice Memo, I outlined a simple way of recording things while you are on the road. Years ago bosses use to say to their secretary, or maybe to today’s administrative or virtual assistant, “Take a Memo!”

Not any more, it’s more likely the bosses taking their own memos.

You can still use the iPhone’s Voice Memo to record your thoughts as you have them, if you have an idea for another book or blog post. But what if you want to communicate with others.

Now there’s a new solution in town: Dragon Dictation by Nuance Communications.

Dictate, speech recognition software by Nuance, allows one in these four easy steps to:

  1. Record what you want to say,
  2. Dictate translates your speech-to-text,
  3. You edit your text, and
  4. Send it through SMS, email, copy it to another application, or send it to either Twitter or Facebook social networks.

What a nice way of being productive while you are on the road in your car, in a limo (we can all dream, can’t we), or in your private jet.

Just make sure that one of the things you do is say “Thank You” to someone that has helped you, but better yet, do it with a card.

P.S. I use Dictate for my Mac to help write longer pieces of content. It allows me to just talk as the thoughts come into my head without worrying if I’m going to lose the “flow” of my ideas. I really enjoy using it.

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