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Apple has announced their new Mac OS coming this summer and it’s name is Mountain Lion.

What’s new?

Basically, Mac OS Mountain Lion adds more features from the iOS than previous Mac OS releases, a coming together of both to simplify some of a user’s actions. So here’s Apple’s short list of iOS features:

  • iCloud functionality – syncing between your Mac, iPhone, and iPad using your Apple ID
  • Messages (basically using iMessage means you can send messages to others Macs, more difficult with Windows, and the Messages Beta app requires Mac OS Lion to install)
  • Reminders – a To Do list manager
  • Notes – like iPhone, take notes, but more features
  • Notification Center – get notified when things come into your Mac
  • Shared Sheets – Safari’s sharing of info with others
  • Twitter – built into Mac, no need for a separate app
  • Game Center – play games on your Mac, social media style
  • AirPlay Mirroring – stream what’s on your Mac to your AppleTV
  • GateKeeper – makes your Mac more secure

There you have it. As always, you’ll get more details at Apple’s WWDC in June, but even then, they’ll keep some “Easter Eggs” of good stuff “hidden” for the Mac fans and pundits to go searching for.

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