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As I’m finishing up my current book project, just last night I committed to doing another book that I hope to have out after this current one is done, sometime during the summer of 2014.

OK Veterans and their family members, Jimmy Graham (CQD-Denver)Dale Comstock, Max Mullen, Kerry Patton, Robert Butler, David Masters, David B. Rutherford, Zach Ziegler, Mark Devine, and Tim Ziegler, I have taken on a new writing project as of last night near midnight and I’m putting a call out to you guys. My new book project is to help our transitioning service members that are heading into the civilian world, ESPECIALLY the wounded warriors, and prepare them for their “New Mission” in life.

At the moment, this is just an idea, but the basic premise is this: What have you learned today that would you have told your younger self before you got out of the service that would have helped you transition to the civilian world? How would you prepare and what would like to have known to prepare for this change?

I’m working with Donna Hoffmeyer, a USAF Lt. Col. Nurse, who works with wounded warriors (PTSD, TBI, etc.) in TX and she’s sees first hand what their issues are and what they need help with from us “seasoned civilian veterans” to help guide them into their new mission. While she can help them to get the well, as part of the brotherhood we need to help them find work and serving again, this time in their community. When I watched this segment of this episode of “Son of Guns” with Chris Kyle, my wife turned to me and said, “You went through the same thing.” I crashed! A number of other veterans I know have said the same thing after leaving the service. Donna and I want to prevent this for our future transitioning veterans.

This book will not be a 1 inch wide, 1 mile deep regarding this content, nor a 1 inch deep and 1 mile wide, it will have enough information sequenced for the military member and their families on how to increase their chances of success once they’re out on their own.

This book will have a list of resources that they can connect with before they get out, including organizations such as Kerry Patton’s Plato Was Wrong: A Valhalla Project Initiative , Wounded Wear and Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors (TAPS) and well as after they leave. Any and all comments and suggestions are welcome, please connect via my LinkedIn account and let’s talk some more.

Here’s the helping our vets.

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