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I have been on a tear these last few months on a new project, a new book. It’s titled “Bible Secrets for Startups and Entrepreneurs” that is meant for Christians, Jews, and anyone that is interested in what the Bible has to say about business.

All of us need a purpose, a path, to which we need to focus our time and energy on, and when we don’t have it, we feel lost. Last fall I met with a few individuals and they all said that I and a “deer in the headlights” look about me. I sort had an idea of what to do, but had lost my direction. That is, until.

Until I met someone that because of our similar backgrounds we were able to see some issues that needed to be addressed.

Last October I met Jimmy Graham of Duty To Act at the Revive1787 Event and found out that we were both veterans, he a former Navy SEAL, I a former Gulf War I USAF Aircraft Maintenance Officer. Since our initial introduction at that event we’ve met a number of times discussing not only his business, but mine, the church, our country, the men in the church, and the economic issues we’re all facing. We both also felt a need to help the church and the men in the church take a stand and be held accountable. It was through our over 15+ meetings since then that I have seen and realized that something greater is at stake.

I am an author of a book titled How to Start a Business: Mac Version that steps someone through from their idea to making money, in this case, using a Mac computer.

Here’s the issue. Starting in January in the midst of our discussions I did some research and then in February after some initial research I started a new book titled “Bible Secrets for Startups and Entrepreneurs,” looking at what the Bible says about business. The spark was the many discussions that Jimmy and I had, but over the last few months doing the research and writing there has been a number of other revelations. Of significance:

The Christian community has hurt itself by somewhat abdicating its “city on the hill” responsibilities and being more dependent on the secular side for business rather than taking the “horse by the reins” as Jesus did in His “carpentry” business and be the light in the business darkness.

You may know that since Jesus was Jewish, He learned the Torah from age 6-12 and at age 12 He began working in His dad’s business. What has not been clear from the Bible text is how Jesus ran his business. But we do know is that from age 12-30 (the age He stated His Ministry), Jesus ran a successful “general contractor business” as God had planned it, per His fulfillment of the Law. That means He worked for 18 years in His own business before He started His Ministry. Some interesting “facts” we can glean from the Bible:

  • Over 3/4 of the over 30+ parables Jesus spoke were about business topics
  • In the parable of the talent (the talent was the largest currency of the day) Jesus discusses significant business issues. Namely that the currency of talent was 75 LBS of GOLD, worth in today’s dollars of about $1.5 MILLION DOLLARS EACH! That means the one slave got five talents worth over $7.5 MILLION dollars to work and invest.
  • In Luke 14:27-30 Jesus actually says, “For which one of you, when he wants to build a tower, does not first sit down and calculate the cost (emphasis added) to see if he has enough to complete it?” This covers both business ownership and project management.
  • In Matt 18 where Jesus talks about “when two or three are gathered” that He is in the midst. That means all business transactions Jesus is watching how one transacts their business.

Just as man here on earth can find investors for starting a business, God was the first Angel Investor and the same idea in the business world applies toward us as Christians today with each of our talents and skills.

I have connected with a number of home schoolers and the response from my first book is that it is “leaps and bounds” from what others are currently doing. So there is a market for what I have, but this new book covers a topic that has so far failed to be discussed in the Christian community.

Watch this blog for more to come next month. Until then, keep your ideas on the back burner, because a startup and being an entrepreneur are definitely in the Bible and for Christians to tackle.


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