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Here’s our fourth profile of startup entrepreneurs and¬†Megan Andrus of LiquidRedDesign.com and ¬†Myaccessorybusiness.com

1. What was/is your background toward business before you started your own (family of entrepreneurs, paper route, raising bunnies, school, classes, etc.)? A friend of mine started designing boots and wanted to start a boot design company. I worked with her on the business plan and every aspect of the beginning stages of the company. Eventually, I quit my design job and worked with my friends boot company. After that, I went on my own and started collecting design clients through online postings like craigslist.org and began to create my own client base. Designing for all their different clients businesses gave me the idea to start another business of my own selling accessory sales kits at www.MyAccessoryBusiness.com

2. What do you do, describe when you realized you wanted to start your business and how did you start it? I first started with working for different companies as their only in-house graphic designer. I did all the design work and had no one above me other than the clients, so I felt like I was mostly on my own anyway. Then, when my friend started up her own business and I took part in the initial process of the start-up, I realized that that was the direction my career was headed to be in business for myself.

3. When and how did you get introduced to the Mac? I started using Mac computers in college. We had all Mac computers in my design classes, so I got my own so my work would be compatible on both my home computers and the computers at school.

4. What Mac solutions do you currently use (think Adobe, iWork, smart folders, GarageBand, ZumoDrive, Open Source Software)? I use a lot of Adobe software: Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Acrobat, Dreamweaver, etc. I also have an iPhone and I love that it syncs perfectly with my laptop.

5. Give me your current perspective on marketing, sales, and running a business and how a Mac helps keep things running smoothly? First of all, the main reason I love Macs is that I don’t have to worry about viruses. I sometimes have to use PCs at clients offices and they are a lot less user-friendly and seem to have glitches all the time. Having my address book synced to my iPhone is great for email and phone numbers.

6. Looking back from today, what has been the most significant things you’ve learned? I feel like I’m always learning, so it’s hard to say what’s most significant. Starting a business is like it’s own course in business. I guess the main thing I learned is that you do have to keep learning and learn to ask people for help and get together your network of people that you can ask when you have a question. Someone knows about taxes, someone who is in a similar or same industry that can give you suggestions on how to manage your time and money better, and of course people that you can call and give you support and cheer you on to keep it going. You go through some rough patches sometimes and it’s good to have people that believe in you and will give helpful criticism and suggestions.

7. (Open question: You decide what to ask and then answer it yourself. Toot your own horn here!! What advice would you give?) How should a prospective entrepreneur decide what business to start? On deciding what type of business to start, definitely you should do something you are interested in and something you love to do. Your business will take over your life in some ways so make sure that your “work” doesn’t feel like it’s work because it’s something you love. Don’t do something just because you hear it will make good money. You will get bored easily and drop it or you will feel unhappy and feel like you are working hard for something you don’t enjoy.

8. What would you tell others about starting their own business? Starting a business takes a lot of self motivation. A lot of people talk about starting up things and then never get the motivation to do it. Take the first step and put some time and effort into it. Don’t expect a business to fall into your lap. Start saving for it, draw up a diagram of your plans, do anything it takes to visually or physically get in the mode to start actively begin to create your business.

9. What do you wish you had learned at home or in school (High school, college)? I wish I had learned more about web design in college or on my own. Whether you are doing web design for pay or just for updating websites for your own businesses, knowing even a little about web design is very helpful. I also wish I would have learned more about taxes and money management. I think that is really important to everyone whether you own a business or not.

10. Any last questions/comments? Let me know when you will be posting anything about me on yourwebsite and be sure to include my websites www.liquidreddesign.com and www.MyAccessoryBusiness.com and email address meganmelinda@gmail.com

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