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With any startup entrepreneur getting your message out to others is paramount, but as with anyone, our business is not the only thing that defines us. We’re a host of lots of things stitched together.

One of those things I am is a USAF veteran of the first Gulf War. I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Lorin Ricker during his “Walk the walk” internet radio program at Mile Hi Radio. It truly was a pleasure and an honor discussing my experience in the USAF as well as discussing how young vets today can create a path through the business market after leaving the service. Besides joining the Veterans of Foreign Wars to associate with other vets, but also to share experiences.

Listen in and enjoy as  I discuss my USAF history, the skills I learned from the USAF that can translate into business, and a little bit about my book. I also put in a plug for a friend of mine, Lida Citroën (Lida360.com), who helps vets in the Wounded Warrior project transitioning to civilian life.

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