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On TED Talks Director on YouTube Mike Rowe goes on and reveals a very fascinating idea about today’s US culture. We have a:

“War on Work”

Those words sunk into me because of a number of factors.

But I don’t want to go into those factors until you see Mike’s 20 minute commentary. So, take a view.

First, everything takes work. Whether you love the work or not, it’s still work. But the key is to do something that you love to apply your talents toward.

Second, while Mike talks about following your passion, it’s not a poo-poo idea, but one where he said all of the dirty jobs love doing what they’re doing and are the happiest.

Third, we have glamorized so much people’s looks, how things look, and what things look like that we forget that behind the scenes dirty things do occur. Sounds like we need to bring the dirty things out in the open.

Fourth, someone has to do these, why not you? You could start your own business doing a dirty job, or work.

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