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Merry Christmas!!

There, I said it.

Personally, I like to say “Merry Christmas” to others because that’s what I believe in. If and when I say it to others it is my expression of my faith to you as a person or friend that I come in contact with. I’m not fond of being politically correct and saying “Happy Holidays” because I might offend someone and I’m not trying to “force my religion” on you. Saying “Merry Christmas” is just my expression in what I believe in, not whether you’re accepting it or not. My hope is that by saying “Merry Christmas” to you is that you might receive some blessings in the near future.


My hope and expectation is that in the spirit of my positive expectations and experiences between us is that if you are Jewish that you’d say “Happy Chanukah (Hannuka)” to me, or if you are a Buddhist and celebrate “Elephant Festival” then let me know so that I can appreciate your faith and expression and I’ll give you a hearty “Thank You” for sharing something of yourself.

Others may not care about who you are, but I do. If you’d rather not tell me what your belief is, then a “Happy Holidays” covers just about any religion in my book and covers any timeframe throughout the year as well.

So if I say “Merry Christmas” to you I hope that you’ll receive it with the intent of how it is given, that your life might be a little bit better tomorrow or sometime soon.

So, for those that like a little parody, check out this link

So, Merry Christmas to you all.


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