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Having read years ago about a restaurant that was having a bad “table” that no one wanted to sit at for their meal, the restaurant decided to change how their customers viewed that one table near the front door and market it specifically to attract a small demographic of their current clientele.

But it’s not just a restaurant’s table, it’s also other aspects of one’s business: product seconds, defectives, etc. Here is what one industry market leader did to change the view of their customer toward imperfect products.

So next time you’re looking at your products and services, don’t think waste and trash, think how you market it to appeal to a market segment that just might be interested in it.

Oh and the restaurant, they gave discounts for those that ate at the table and so many customers we lining to eat at it that they had to have a separate reservation list for their table.

Think brown bananas. Think waste. Think marketing.


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