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Entrepreneurs that need to capture images from their Mac have a number of avenues to choose from.

Keyboard Combinations. First and foremost, using these key combinations can capture what’s on your Mac screen with little effort. Note: All images are created in the PNG format.

  • Command-Shift-3: Takes a screenshot of the screen, and saves it as a file on the desktop
  • Command-Shift-4: The screen cursor changes into a crosshair. Set the cross-hairs on the top left-hand corner of the area you wished to capture, hold down the left mouse button and drag over the selected area to the lower right-hand corner and the screenshot of an area is saved as a file on the desktop
  • Command-Shift-4+Space: The window turns a highlight color, click your mouse button in the window and a screenshot of the window is saved as a file on the desktop
  • Command-Shift-Control-3/4:┬áTakes a screenshot of an area and copies the capture into your Clipboard memory, so you can paste it where you want.

Utilities. Under Application > Utility > Grab and select that application to have more control over what you want to take an image from, especially if you have specific items, such as drop down menus, to capture. Note: All images are created in the TIFF format. Grab has four actions

  • Capture a Selection: Drag your mouse of the selected area you want to capture and once the mouse button is released it takes a screen shot and creates a file. You need to “Save” the file in order to keep it.
  • Capture a Window: Allows you to select a specific Mac window.
  • Capture a Screen: Captures a while screen.
  • Capture a Timed Screen: Captures a screen and allows for drop down menus to be captured in the image.

Preview application on the Mac. Since the Mac’s keyboard commands create PNG image formats and Grab creates TIFF image formats, the application Preview allows you to annotate on your image and change the file format. Here’s a list using Grab and Preview and what Preview’s Save As… menu provides:

In addition to changing the image format, you can also annotate or mark up PDFs and resend to others. Or, you can post them in blogs that you write.

My book, How to Start a Business: Mac Version, gives you additional ways of using your Mac in a business setting.


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