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As with most switchers one of the key issues is: can I still be productive on a Mac if I switch?

As with nearly all Windows users, that’s a resounding Yes!!


You’re going to have to change the way you do some things. There are three ways that you can use Windows on your Mac

Boot Camp. Built into every Intel Mac located Applications > Utilities > Boot Camp is the configuration tool that allows you to install Windows on a partition on your Macs hard drive.

Virtualization. Using either Parallels or Fusion you can run Windows applications at the same time.

Connectivity. If you need to connect to Windows using your Mac there are a few other routes to take.

  • MacWindows.com web site. This site covers a lot of Mac and Windows issues.
  • Remote Desktop. Microsoft has software that allows you to connect via their Remote Desktop for Mac client to any Windows computer.

Hope this helps in getting your “over the hump” in either moving to Mac or seriously deciding on dropping Windows altogether.


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