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Have you ever been online or on Facebook and someone asks a question of you and you have this SMH (Smack My Head) moment and wonder: “You mean with the best search engine in the world, Google, and you want ME to look it up for you?”

I now use LMGTFY = Let Me Google That For You when I’m online and they always ask, “What’s that?”

It gives them a slight hint that maybe they should look it up for themselves.

But, and here’s the big but, as an entrepreneur, it’s an opportunity to catch someone who may not have the knowledge which you do, and provide it for a fee and earn money. In the past we all went to the library and looked into the library catalog for looking up books, but Google saw an opportunity with the internet to become the internet library catalog.

When you come across someone asking questions, listen to what they’re asking for and see if someone else is not asking the question, you just might find a business opportunity in the questions that are asked. What kind of businesses?

  • Newsletters – I know of a gentleman that takes Honda CRX cars and soups them up and sells his knowledge in a newsletter to others that want to do the same thing. He makes thousands of dollars a month putting it out.
  • Books – Writing a HOWTO book provides more permanent solutions to questions while newsletters are quick and more transitory.
  • Online – Getting known for your knowledge expertise through the above channels will get you some credibility, but going online with your expertise increases it.
  • Videos – Doing videos will sometimes ┬áprovided an easier way of delivering content, but it might take longer to get the right “look” of a video.

There you have it, now listen to the questions people ask, there might be some money in it.

So, my name is Kevin, not Google, so be aware if I type

  • GTY = Google That Yourself, or
  • IDWFF = I Don’t Work For Free, or even
  • BMB = Buy My Book

Kevin’s OOUUTT….


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