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THREE DAYS ONLY!! Sept 5-7 Codes Below

Who am I?

I’m Kevin Cullis and I’m a business geek, that’s what I love to do, blend strategies, tactics and knowledge of both business and Macs together. I also love Apple technologies and have used them since 1985, when I bought my first Mac 512ke. Today I use a MacBook Pro. My whole family is on Macs, except my brother, who is the last Mac holdout, but then he’s a System Administrator on UNIX.

What do I have?

I’ve written a book taking my years of selling computers to businesses and helping businesses get more done with their computer and put all of it into my first book, How to Start a Business: Mac Version.

Why do you need this?

Can you answer “Yes” to any of these facts. Are you:

  • Going to high school?
  • Starting college this fall?
  • Graduating soon from college with any degree other than business?
  • In the process of starting your own business?
  • Just starting your own business?
  • Running your own business for the past few years?
  • Considering starting your own business?
  • Unemployed?
  • Underemployed?
  • Currently using a Mac?
  • Thinking it’s time to own a Mac, especially for your business?

If you answered “Yes” to any of those questions, guess what? You need my book! How to Start a Business: Mac Version

Call me crazy?

No, it’s all marketing.

It’s about me helping you.

“Time is more valuable than money. You can get more money, but you can’t get more time.” — Jim Rohn

Now it’s up to you to see if I have done a good job there is value in what I have done to help you get started.

Read some of the testimonials about my book from others:



From your first “Idea” drawn on a coffee napkin to your “Grand Opening Day” I step you through the necessary steps to get your business started using a Mac. I discuss business planning and modeling, project planning, marketing, sales, and the back office needs of a business using a Mac in your startup journey. I combine startup business ideas, motivational and startup snippets, and the Mac into one volume. I have researched material for startups and provide business and Mac details that are essential to getting your business off the ground the right way. By gluing business ideas and the Mac’s tools into one book I tell you how to get the most out getting things done.

You could spend hundreds of dollars buying only business books that cover every imaginable topics and the same with books about Macs.

That’s not what you need at the moment you have a business idea. 

You need a blueprint of the steps starting a business and how the Mac’s Cool Tools can help you get there.

How can you get it? 

The purpose of this 3 day event, September 5-7, is to give high school, college students, unemployed and underemployed a chance to “Think Different” (Sorry Apple, had to do it) about their career and their life, to shine a new light on it.

Let’s face it, businesses are slow to hire in this economy. So, what are we to do?

Take action NOW!

So that’s what I’m going to do, to help you take action with your life and your new career.

Did you know that nearly ALL college courses teach you the:

  • craft of your business, but rarely do they teach the
  • business of your craft?

They teach you medicine, law, graphic art, and writing, but they do NOT teach you how to make a living at your chosen career path. You’ll need an MBA, but that’s another few more years. Most of us don’t have that time or money. So.

I’m challenging that.

Starting at Midnight at 12:01 AM MDT on Sept 5th through to Midnight MDT on the 7th I’m offering students and the unemployed and underemployed a great offer of my book.

At Midnight MDT on Sept 7th these codes will be taken down and these specials will be shutdown on the sites.

Never to be used again!

Steps to Order Your Book:

Pick which offer you want, #1 or #2. As you can see, #3 is coming soon:

  1. Smashwords Ebook version How to Start a Business: Mac Version (Ebook ONLY): $2.99. Smashwords Code: VD39Y Head to https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/80738 for the Ebook ONLY version.
  2. Createspace.com Print version How to Start a Business: Mac Version print plus FREE Ebook version: $18.99 + 20% off. Createspace Code: AAJPBZ25 https://www.createspace.com/3403435 (a subsidiary of Amazon) and order the print version of my book. Amazon will NOT allow the code to be used.
  3. How to Start a Business: Mac Version FULL COLObook, personally autographed, PLUS over 150+ startup spreadsheets: $47.00 (Coming Soon, 2 week delivery time and surprise BONUSES included! Sign up on my email list in the upper right corner for the announcement. I’ll protect your contact information and you’ll get an email newsletter of where and when it’s available).

NOTE: You’ll always get the updated Ebook version as I learn more and change my book’s content and about how to use these various systems to get it to you. We all have to start somewhere.

2. Tell your friends via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and other sites about this announcement, there’s only 3 days to take advantage of this offer!!

I also want more people to get and read my book, especially those that are struggling and want to live their best life today and not wait for another day to go by without taking a chance to better their life.

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