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When you become an entrepreneur and startup you are always looking for ways of saving your money for more important things, like food and a place to live and most important, marketing. So to save money and time, I look for things that are either completely done for me or that with some minor modifications I can accomplish what I need.

One of the more common places is companies such as Avery labels that provides a number of predesigned templates for Word that fit their blank labels. But here’s the key: If Avery has created templates for MS Word, it does not take much to make them fit what you’re doing using iWork Pages or Numbers. If they have done 90 percent of the work, that saves you time and money.

Who do you visit to find templates that work for you?

Here’s some that I have found besides Avery:

Agreeably not all templates will work as the more complex templates may have more issues when they are converted, but it may beat starting from scratch.

So, go forth and find MS Office templates and see if they have not done most of the work for you.

Happy saving money, entrepreneurs and startups!!


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