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As an entrepreneur and a startup that used iWord Pages exclusively to do his business, especially writing a book, it’s a matter of getting the most out of what Pages can do. In novels, you have initial caps that begin each new chapter, but there are variations called drop caps (see steps below), raised caps (just larger font size on the same line), and adjacent caps (midway between raised and drop). No matter which one you prefer, here’s a few suggestions on how to do a drop cap. However, I have found an easier way of doing drop caps in Pages.

First things, you need to know the accurate spacing and font size of your text. For instance:

  • First line = 12 point font Garamond.
  • Line spacing = 14 point (called “Exactly” by page under Inspector > Text > Line > Exactly)
  • Second line = 12 point
  • Line spacing = 14 point
  • Third line = 12 point

The total points of the lines and spacing equals 64 points (12+14+12+14+12). This will be the figure to work with to do a drop cap.

  1. Create a text box and the initial cap letter, such as a “D” and make the letter a 50 point font.
  2. Adjust the text box dimensions. Make the text box boundaries so that the letter and your text and close to touching.
  3. Place text box in first paragraph. Click on the text box and go to Inspector > Wrap > Object Placement > Inline and ensure that you have Inline selected. You’ll next need to cut and paste the text box insertion point into the first line of your paragraph, i.e. click on the text box, cut the text box, insert your cursor into the first space and line of your paragraph and then paste it there.
  4. Object Wrap. Ensure you have Inspector > Wrap > Object causes wrap at left alignment.
  5. Text fit. Make sure your text fit is at zero (“0”).
  6. Line spacing. Go to Line spacing and make it 36 point “Exactly.”
  7. Baseline shift. Go to Inspector > Text > More > Baseline shift and make the number -14 (50+14=64, the total number above).

You’re done. A well done drop cap, but you can also adjust the figures to do adjacent or raised caps too.

You can also find out other ways of doing drop caps at the iWork forum.


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