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One of the more interesting aspects of iWork Pages ’09 is figuring out all of the little hidden gems that it holds. When you open up a Pages document you have on the bottom of the window a “menu” bar button that has an up and down arrow. This allows you to select the type of information you want to “track” in your window.

This can be especially helpful when you are double checking any changes in your various styles so that you can see how each change affects throughout your document. Here’s how it works:

  1. Change a style.
  2. Select “Redefine style from selection” and wait as Pages changes all occurrences of that style.
  3. In the menu bar button mouse of the “pin wheel” icon and it’ll say “Choose how to navigate” and select the type of style you have just changed.
  4. Now click on the down arrow and watch as each place the changed style occurs will pop into the window.
  5. If you’re done with checking your style changes ┬ámake sure you reselect “Page” so that you can go back to viewing each page of your document.
  6. If you have a problem with a style, mouse over the style and select “Revert to defined style.”

Here’s an example of it selecting paragraph styles. Notice just to the right of the number of pages you have a wheeled sprocket with a drop down menu. Selecting the paragraph style allows you to move through each placement of style that you have in your document.

Nice little touch here when details and tracking style details, especially during your final edits, and you need to see how a change affects the look of your document.


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