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As an entrepreneur you either have time or have money, but usually not both. Later on as your business grows you’ll trade time for money by allowing others to do things they are better at than you are to free you up to do what you do best. But in the beginning if you don’t have the money then you have to do things yourself. But how can you save yourself time and money? Let’s take a look.

Buy Templates. You can take a look at Brad Gosse’s magazine templates and purchase them and make the adjustments you need and then create the documents. He has some great ideas and flair for this thing called marketing. Getting his templates will save you time, especially as low the price is for them.

Examples. First, in creating marketing materials such as a newsletter for your clients or customers you can use Apple’s iWork to create some good looking documents. However, sometimes you need some fresh ideas.

But if you’re low on the ol’ mulla, then do what I do on occasion. I look at what Brad or any other magazine have done and try and recreate it the best I can and then add some of my own flair in it. It might take longer to do it, but I’ll learn how it’s done and get ideas for later. If you are a true entrepreneur at first you can’t help by keeping your costs low and get ideas from others. Later on as you begin to make money you’ll save yourself time by hiring others to save you and your time.


  • Get idea from others to keep your costs down
  • Hire others when you have the money so you can concentrate on your business

iWork Pages Instructions. You can go to MagCloud.com, a POD magazine publisher, and:

Producing and producing an iWork Magazine. MagCloud provides a blog where you get good information as to how to create a good looking magazine with various tips and tricks. They can even produce the magazine that you want because it’s a POD (Print On Demand) printing company, it can be even cheaper to produce than you local copy shop. Check them out.

Which ever route you take, iWork Pages can get it done, you just need to work it the details.

Now get going and create.

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iWork magazine templates: either time or money — 13 Comments

      • I am looking for something that can physically printed and stapled in the center – like a zine. So a cool looking template that can accommodate two or three legal sized pages folded in half…then “bound” and mailed.

        Checked the app store but you don’t get a good look at the types of templates that are there.
        will check magcloud. thanks for the suggestion.

        • Ok, you need to be more specific about your needs.

          1. How many pages?
          2. Color or B/W?
          3. How many copies or how many copies per mailing, i.e. frequency of copies going out?
          4. What type of magazine do you want to create, i.e. more info than graphics, etc.?
          5. Will the template change per month/mailing or will it stay the same?

          Most of the templates you find are going to be 8.5×11, to a lesser degree 11×17. But once you have a template you can change the document dimensions to suite your needs. But I would suggest that you have a graphic artist who understand business numbers to help with the change.

          • Thanks for the tips here! I have just given up on Word a week ago and am trying to use Pages and get up to speed. I imagine 2 pages which would give me 8 pages of text (some graphics) is where I would start. It will be a monthly mailing and right now my mailing list is exactly 6. But I am going to try to grow that!

            More info than graphics.
            Template will be the same each month.
            Color – I think.

            Thanks again for helping me learn the terminology here.

          • Ok, here’s how you go about this.

            1. Get a template designed the way that both you like AND, more importantly, what your customers like (it’s now just about you).
            2. Save the template in iWork Pages AS a template. Keep in mind that if you’re doing a monthly mailing that seasonal templates can be used again, with some changes, so create monthly templates based on holiday/special event themes.
            3. Write your text in a separate Pages file, then cut and paste your text into your new monthly template (I wrote eight blog posts for another site and people wanted the whole thing in a PDF/mailing, I had to redo it into another file). Besides, concentrate on your writing first, then the way it looks. Writing is your first goal.
            4. LEARN about graphics, not to become an expert, but to understand what is good AND what SELLS!! I recommend Robin Williams book “The Non-Designer’s Design Book.” It’s a great start to understanding not only for yourself, but talking with a graphic artist if they’re doing your template. While I learned enough about book design doing my book in Pages, I asked a professional editor to give me a grade on my book and she gave me a “B+ or A-” on my design.
            5. Will you place the “zine” in an envelop or will it be by itself?

          • man, I am getting an education at this blog! thank you.

            The zine (for lack of a better term) will be in an envelope.

            Just ordering that book. Now to find a designer to make this template…

          • Better to call it a newsletter, it’s a better fit. Ok, here’s some other things to think about.

            There are two directions you can go with this:

            1. Load the addresses of your customers in Addressbook and then do a “merge” with Pages using your customer’s address and then use a see through address window envelope, or

            2. Print out multiple copies of your newsletter and then print their address on the envelope or on labels to be put on the envelope (it’s better to print ON the envelope, looks more professional).

            By the way, did you get my book?

    • Thank you for buying it. The key point Matthew is this: you have talents and skills that is your passion, but let your reason (brain, head, thinking) guide your passions. As Ben Franklin says, “If passion drives you, let reason hold the reins.” Let me know if you need anything else.

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