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As an entrepreneur and startup business I’m always on the lookout for what’s next. Not necessarily being an innovator or early adopter, but one that uses certain Mac tools to get my work done and of those tools that I use, wanting to know and watch for when the next version comes out is important.

This means that I use iWork to handle all of my word processing, page layout, spreadsheet, and presentation software needs, including finishing up my upcoming book “How to Start a Business: Mac Version” completely done in iWork Pages. But let’s get to the root of this blog post.

iWork ’10 is coming out soon!

Why do I say that? Because there are a few things that point to this conclusion.

  1. The current version is iWork ’09, a year and a half since the last release.
  2. The last update to iWork Pages (4.0.3) was late last year, i.e. updates and bug fixes, none since, and there are still bugs that need to be fixed.
  3. The iPad came out in April ’10 and came with iWork for the iPad. Steve wanted this to be his baby, so everything has been put on hold until this came out. Including updates to iWork, since they’re both now sharing info.
  4. There is an iWork for the iPad feedback page.
  5. Apple’s World Wide Developer’s Conference (WWDC) is June 7-11, 2010.
  6. The iPad has been released, but work on updating is to make it “perfect” continues.

I’m speculating that either iWork ’10 is released, or at least an announcement of a release, at WWDC.

I’m hoping for the release and availability that week. Now, whether Steve does a Keynote of iWork, that remains to be seen, but unless it’s a striking new approach or version, it will only take up a small amount of Steve’s keynote.

So, what am I hoping for in this new release? Here’s my list:

  1. (See below comments) Save a Pages document in an epub file format for creating books for the iBook Store. This is almost a given, if it’s not there, shame on Apple for missing it.
  2. Based on the above comment, better sharing between the Mac and iPad documents.
  3. More book tools in Pages, such as creating an Index, one button drop caps, etc. for creating more compelling styled books and selling them on the iBook store.
  4. A one menu “upload to the iBook store” command in the Share menu in Pages that once your iBook store account has been loaded into preferences it’s as easy as 1-2-3 for uploading and selling your books.
  5. A smaller memory footprint. This is based on the work Apple has done with the iPad and getting iWork to work with limited iPad hardware resources.
  6. More “charts” types based on the data you want to show in both Pages and Numbers.
  7. More integration with MobileMe, i.e. collaboration with iWork.com
  8. More finer controls over the text and images in Pages. Again, the iBook store will be driving these features.

What I would love to see? In no particular order:

  • All of the above suggestions.
  • A few more book and text and header type fonts. If Steve took a typography class and it made an impression on him, shouldn’t there be more since he’s trying to change the publishing industry?
  • Both improved color and black texture themes of charts and graphics.
  • A much improved Font Book experience. Again, if Steve loves what he learned about typography, Font Book needs a radical update so that you can use fonts better as a designer.
  • iWork has a color wheel, it needs a grayscale texture wheel for simple black and white books.

So, what do you think will happen at WWDC and iWork?

Update 06/07/2010: Well, no iWork released OR announced by Steve at the Keynote. Too much iPad and iPhone. From here Apple will either quietly release it or have another announcement sometime late summer or fall timeframe, probably guessing in mid September, if that late. There are three scenarios here:

  1. Apple Store show up. This is where there is not much significance to what it is and appears on Apple’s online store.
  2. Short Announcement. A guess would be that there might be, at the most, a shorter announcement IF there is something significant about the release, i.e. works enough with MobileMe and other aspects that it needs a release announcement.
  3. Larger Announcement. If a number of publishers are on board with what iWork can do with the iBook store, etc. But from my vantage point there’s probably a lot of “back room” goings on such as improving MobileMe, etc. now that the iPad/iPhone has been announced and this will start taking up resources.

Update 06/07/2010 #1: Well, Engadget has a story that Keynote for the iPhone 4 is coming based on a screen shot, which means iWork is coming soon as well. My guess is that once they work good together, maybe not great, iWork ’10 will be released. Stay tuned for more info.

Update 07/21/2010: My guess is that Apple won’t release iWork ’10, or whatever they call it, until any new models come out in the fall after the current sales are up, sometime during middle of September or later.

Update 08/26/2010: Apple released today and Update to iWork 9.0.4 that adds a few fixes AND a new export feature to the epub format. I nailed this feature above.

Update: 01/23/2011: Rumor is that iWork ’11 will come out sometime Spring, maybe March or April because a proposed book on iWork ’11 has been delayed. Soon, folks, soon.

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iWork ’10 – coming soon at Apple WWDC? — 7 Comments

  1. Good calls. It seems that things such as number functions cross the applications, why not the rest. Maybe the code base can allow that.


    • I suspect that there will be some enhancements coming and think there may be some more opportunities for something like this. Thanks for the comment.

  2. I’ve heard the same. Don’t have an iPad myself because I’m more a of a content creator than a consumer, i.e. my Macbook Pro laptop. It serves to do both, consume and create.

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