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Here is a graphic from the Kauffman Foundation and Forbes magazine that describes people’s interest in entrepreneurship. It’s alive and well.

There are two facts that I should point out that can be easily overcome this barrier.

As you can see, the second biggest hurdle for most people is not knowing where to start after financing.

Here’s your answer: My book. It covers the majority of problems associated with starting business. Why? Because “financing” is really about being able to sell your product and “where to start” means having some steps to follow that move you forward.

I solved your problems by giving you the steps needed to step out. So, take a chance, buy my book, and start moving forward toward your dreams.

And to let you know, your local colleges and universities do not give you the best information regarding starting a business, they’re about 5-8 years behind what true entrepreneurs are doing today. So connect today with other entrepreneurs. And watch this space and new and exciting things will be coming to you.

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