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What every startup entrepreneur thinks about is how to increase their income, but have you thought about sharing your skills, and getting paid for it? For instance, if you learn how to program in HTML, you could teach someone else to do the same. If you found a great fishing hole to catch some of the biggest fish, could you not be a fishing guide and get paid for it? How about learning to eat healthier, or learn to make a movie. There are tons of skills that people want to learn and are willing to pay for, even if it’s for an hour.

While most people think of an expert as someone who knows all, a real definition of an expert is someone who knows more than you. Would you like to learn or teach at a basic level for an hour or so? Take a look at Skillshare.com¬†and it’s national exposure of people willing to share what they have learned¬†and see what is available that might interest you. Either gain new knowledge, or if you have a skills that you’ve been doing for years, to share what you have learned with others willing to learn from you. I’m from Denver, so here’s the Denver link to Skillshare, we need 500 people to sign up and 50 pilot classes before we’re active. So sign up, you just might make $500 a class if you get enough to sign up.

I have just added a pilot class to those who might be interested in starting up a business using a Mac, titled How to Start a Business using a Mac. A pilot class a pilot class is one where the teacher is saying what kind of interest there is in this subject matter. While my class is in Denver, there is the potential of holding a tele-seminar or webinar with the same content. Let me know if there is some interest from you on the website.

Oh, there are five more income stream potentials that I could go over in the class, this was just number four of six.

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