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Here’s a short notice of Ideakick.org, city of Denver version, of an event that will happen Jun 23rd. Here’s the link and here’s the when and where, ensure you register to get a ticket, even though it’s free:

Jun 23, 2011
Creative Density
1719 Emerson Street
Denver CO
6:30 – 9:30 PM


“Ideakick is a community that springboards budding entrepreneurial ideas and concepts.

Think of Ideakick as a thinktank for your business ideas. You can pitch a business idea that you’ve been thinking about or are currently working on. Gain valuable feedback, industry insight, and/or connect with someone interested in working on the same idea.”

Over 20 people are showing up, register at http://ideakickdenver1.eventbrite.com/ so you can get in and spout your idea out.

Check out my Coworking blog post.

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