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When you start your own business, you keep your costs down so as to ensure you have enough capital to make it for the long haul. If you have had Angel investors or Venture Capitalists, you still look out for keeping your costs in line with your growth so that you can get your product into a larger market.

In my post last week What do the rich pay for? about what the rich really do pay for I shared that they pay for the expensive stuff which leads to investments to reduce the price of the product so that others can afford it. Now let’s look at the other end of the money spectrum, the poor.

When you think of the poor what brings to mind most of the time his children in Africa or other Third World country with distended bellies and flies surrounding their eyes and mouth. You also think of running around barefoot on a dirt road next to a shack that with pieces of cardboard, metal, plastic, or scraps of wood put together to create a shelter from the elements. You also get the vision of mountains of trash with kids digging through trash to look for food to eat or other things to sell turn enough money to buy food. You’re also reminded of the devastating aftermath of Japan’s recent earthquake and tsunami. This post is not about lessening these problems or that we should not help, we should and as human beings we should take responsibility to provide help. But this post is about a different poor.

Let’s start with watching this, it’s only four minutes long.

Now you have a good idea where most anger comes from from average Americans. We’re not against helping those that are starving, that need some help up, but this? Freeloaders is not what we need in this country, helping others stand on their own two feet is what we need.

Now read this article and data about What is Poverty in America? When you  combine both images, it’s not the same as I first pointed out about the poor and the image we have of the poor.

What say you?

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