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When it comes to entrepreneurs, the typical saying is that we get to choose which 80 hours a week we want to work. That’s a lot of hours, and a lot of effort. But with that can come stress. Or maybe not.

Studies have shown that our bodies and their cells have two extremes that affect them negatively: too much effort or stress put on a cell and no effort or stress put on a cell, i.e. if one becomes overwhelmed with things to do versus having nothing to do.

All of us would love to have nothing to do, but that defeats the purpose of one’s life, but do we look for having too much stress? Well, there’s a TED talk about it.

Watch as Kelly McGonigal talks about how to make stress your friend.

I hope that this gives you a better view that how you view stress determines your body’s response to it and ultimately how long you’ll live.

Let’s live with less stress.

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  1. Hi Kevin,

    I met you at the RMVA meeting. Thanks for sharing this video! I am going to talk about stress at the next meeting and you can be sure that I will share this.


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