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As with any author, making sales is your secondary objective. But of primary issue is: How has my writing, in this case my book, helped you in your life? Has it made you laugh? Provided a mental vacation away from the trials and tribulations of life? Or did it improve your life in some way so that I motivate you to continue on?

When it comes to book reviews, a writer and author is always looking to see that the efforts that the efforts one puts in one gets positive feedback. Jan Verhoff, Web Designer and Internet Marketer, got a copy of my book and gave her thoughts about how I did.

Here’s a short quote from her “Lock horns with an Expert” review of my book:

My hackles were above half mast and I was struggling to keep reading. I know this guy, he really doesn’t think like this, so WHY did he put such a concept in his book?
(This was my first time READING this book, about a year ago. Situation is different now, but quite honestly, a good time to reread the book.) Let’s be honest, before I’d finished the second page, I’d stirred up my entrepreneurial back bone and found significant purpose within the pages of the book. No wonder, it was such a hit.

Thanks Jan, I’m glad my book helped out.

The #1 issue behind EVERY entrepreneur is pleasing their ideal clients. But more importantly, the feedback from both customers, vendors, and other businesses are encouragement to the one putting forth the work. If you’re an entrepreneur, do not neglect this key point, to support others, but as a customer, your comments are invaluable to those striving to please you. Giving ANY feedback is gold, instead of nothing but silence.

So, thanks Jan for the review and feedback. It’s onward and upward.


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  1. Well, aren’t you the debonair author! Love it… Love the excerpt you chose to repost! But then, my best side is often the tongue in my cheek. When I can write a review from a position of fun due to true enjoyment of a book that benefits me, adds knowledge, and increases my own bottom line based on the knowledge gained, I’m a happy camper.

    Can’t wait for book #2.

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