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When you’re on the road or travelling you need to take notes on your iPhone. There are usually three ways: taking notes on the iPhone Notes application, take a Voice Memos audio recording (see my previous blog posts, Dictate on an iPhonenote taking and syncing with iTunes, or taking Voice Memos on an iPhone), or if you have an app that you can do videos, check out Apple’s compare phones web site to see what video differences there are between the 3GS, 4, and 4S.

I had a Mac user do a Facebook question on how to get his iPhone Voice Memos from his iPhone to his Mac. He had a lot of audios to sync with his Mac. Well, here’s the right steps.

1. Open up iTunes and connect your iPhone to it.

2. Click on your iPhone icon.

3. Click on the Music tab and under the “Sync Music” you’ll see the checkbox “Include voice memos,” click the checkbox.

4. Sync your Mac up and all of your iPhone voice memos will be on your Mac.

Be aware of how you delete and manage your Mac Voice Memos, both on your Mac and iPhone.

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