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I’ve been reading how people, leaders, managers, parents and others motivate others to get what they need from those that they work with and there are two focuses that each entrepreneur needs to consider while embarking on building their business. Do you offer the “carrot or stick” motivation. How do they come across?

There are two areas that are most prominent in management.

  • Gotcha” – is the negative and here the emphasis is on finding the person doing something wrong, and it can be done wrong procedurally, ethically, or legally. This is the stick point. Here you come across as “I found out you did something wrong and I’ve caught you at it.” This is also a position or title approach to interacting with others.
  • “Caught Ya” – is the positive and the emphasis is on catching someone doing something right, preferably right at the moment they have done it. This is the carrot point. It comes across as “I caught you doing something right so I’m going to tell what you did right.” This is also an encouraging motivation for others.

Having standards for work as well as for your customers are very important in today’s working environments, but it is HOW you get others motivated to do what you need to do that is important.

A key point here is, which one, “Gotcha” or “Caught Ya” would you work for? And how do you come across? Or, in other words…

Would you work for you?

Would you want to go to work for the way you treat others?

Good leaders recognize this and as act accordingly. Great leaders learn how to do it better all of the time.


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