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After I read Tim Jahn’s short “What your passion?” I had to respond. Following your passion is about being a leader in your corner of the world, and it’s very important to follow it.

Years ago I became friends with a local band that had lots of passion about their music, but never could get it off the ground as far as acceptance from their fans goes, especially growing their fan base to larger numbers. The reason? Only a small niche of people liked their music. They became angry and frustrated that only a small number of people loved their music and they became like whining kids after a while. So to answer Tim’s question with a question:

Does what you make or do passionately appeal to larger numbers of people?

If you do what you love and love doing it and not making any money at it, then you have a passion. If you love what you do and people are following you, then you have a cause. If you love what you do and you make only some money at it, you may have a hobby. If you love what you do and make a living at it you have a business. If you love what you do and you have a following, you have a market. But if you have a market after you die, such as some artists, then you have a legacy.

It’s OK to have passion, just be aware that not everyone may like your passion as much as you do, that’s life.

But follow your passion anyway, life it too short not to, besides, the world just might like what you do!!


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  1. Thanks for the shout!

    I like your comparisons from passion to legacy. You bring up an excellent point too. Just because you’re extremely passionate about something, that doesn’t everyone else will be too. And you need to respect that.

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